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Teraganix | Probiotic Dental Drops

INNOVATIVE 3-SIDED DESIGN – The Wrap Around N3XT Level Design provides complete coverage with one easy back and forth stroke. Effortlessly removing more plaque even from the hardest to reach areas along the gum line and insides of tooth surfaces that can lead to early forms of gum disease.

ONE SIZE FITS MOST ALL3D Pro Brush is designed to expand for various tooth sizes making it ideal for adults of any age, kids, teens, braces and orthodontics, special needs, disabilities, autistic children, caregivers, seniors and even your pet.

EASILY PREVENT GUM DISEASE – 50% of children, 66 % of young adults and over 70% of adults have some form of gum disease. Only the 3D Pro Brush is clinically proven to remove more plaque and prevent gum issues. Maintaining a healthy smile should begin early and will last a lifetime.

THE ULTIMATE IN GUM HEALTH – The 3D Pro Brush automatically applies the dentist recommended 45 degree angle to the gum line to easily clean the plaque along gums which can lead to gingivitis, tooth loss and bad breath. Plus, gentle massaging bristles strengthen gum tissue and promote healthier gums.

ECO-FRIENDLY REPLACEMENT HEADS – The 3D Pro Brush features Eco-friendly and cost effective replaceable toothbrush heads. 3D Pro Brush is the only sustainable alternative to ordinary nylon toothbrushes. Only 3D Pro Brush was designed to be the best option for the environment and best for your oral health.

BUILT-IN TONGUE SCRAPER – The 3D Pro Brush is designed with built-in tongue cleaning ridges on back side of brush for the freshest breath. Brushing your tongue can prevent tooth decay, gingivitis and bad breath. Brushing your tongue regularly can remove more plaque for a healthier smile.

A Lifetime of Healthier Smiles:  #SmileSaver


The Benefits of Probiotics for Oral Health:

Maintain healthier gums.

Freshen breath.

Restore balance of oral flora.

Prevent periodontal conditions like gingivitis and improve symptoms.

Prevent mouth infections such as after dental extractions.

Reduce incidence of mouth ulcers and accelerate the healing of canker sores.

Do you struggle with digestive discomfort or feel your immune system needs a boost? PRO EM-1® liquid probiotic can help nourish your gut and empower your health. This revolutionary formula leverages Effective Microorganism® technology to deliver 7 strains of live, active cultures that work synergistically to balance your microbiome. With regular use, PRO EM-1 strengthens your body’s defenses and facilitates digestion, better nutrient absorption, regular elimination and stronger immunity.

Formulated by renowned microbiologist Dr. Teruo Higa, this probiotic harnesses good bacteria found in nature to regulate gut flora from within. It repopulates your intestinal tract with beneficial microorganisms that crowd out harmful pathogens, easing issues like bloating, irregularity and inflammation. The results are a calm belly, improved energy levels and lasting protection.

It is safe for all ages, contains no preservatives, is vegan friendly and gluten and dairy free. Non-GMO. Give your body the support it needs to run efficiently. 

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