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Mountain Rose Herbs | Herbal Oral Care

INNOVATIVE 3-SIDED DESIGN – The Wrap Around N3XT Level Design provides complete coverage with one easy back and forth stroke. Effortlessly removing more plaque even from the hardest to reach areas along the gum line and insides of tooth surfaces that can lead to early forms of gum disease.

ONE SIZE FITS MOST ALL3D Pro Brush is designed to expand for various tooth sizes making it ideal for adults of any age, kids, teens, braces and orthodontics, special needs, disabilities, autistic children, caregivers, seniors and even your pet.

EASILY PREVENT GUM DISEASE – 50% of children, 66 % of young adults and over 70% of adults have some form of gum disease. Only the 3D Pro Brush is clinically proven to remove more plaque and prevent gum issues. Maintaining a healthy smile should begin early and will last a lifetime.

THE ULTIMATE IN GUM HEALTH – The 3D Pro Brush automatically applies the dentist recommended 45 degree angle to the gum line to easily clean the plaque along gums which can lead to gingivitis, tooth loss and bad breath. Plus, gentle massaging bristles strengthen gum tissue and promote healthier gums.

ECO-FRIENDLY REPLACEMENT HEADS – The 3D Pro Brush features Eco-friendly and cost effective replaceable toothbrush heads. 3D Pro Brush is the only sustainable alternative to ordinary nylon toothbrushes. Only 3D Pro Brush was designed to be the best option for the environment and best for your oral health.

BUILT-IN TONGUE SCRAPER – The 3D Pro Brush is designed with built-in tongue cleaning ridges on back side of brush for the freshest breath. Brushing your tongue can prevent tooth decay, gingivitis and bad breath. Brushing your tongue regularly can remove more plaque for a healthier smile.

A Lifetime of Healthier Smiles:  #SaveOurSmiles


This blend is formulated with herbs that have been traditionally used in oral care to help promote a mouth that feels clean and healthy. While this extract can be taken internally, we recommend adding ten drops to 1-2 oz. of water and employing it like a mouthwash. Oral care is a perfect tincture to help support your wonderful smile.

Our oral care combination extract includes:

Propolis: A chemically complex sticky “glue” collected from beehives that serves the purpose of protection for the hive. Propolis has been utilized as a food source and as a supplement around the world in a variety of healing traditions for many centuries. Its traditional uses include supporting oral health and immune system well-being, among others.

Goldenseal: This root has a long history of use throughout indigenous cultures of northeast North America, where it was employed as a healthful ally, bitter tonic herb, and as a yellow dye agent. Goldenseal root is now known for its major constituents, berberine and hydrastine, which are thought to be responsible for many of its beneficial properties.

Myrrh: While myrrh gum has long been revered for its aromatic properties and used as an incense, the resinous sap also has a history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and in Ayurvedic herbal formulations. This bitter resin has an affinity for dispelling stagnation and is warming and drying.

Spilanthes: Commonly known as the toothache plant, the stimulating aerial portions create salivation and historically have been employed as a protectant for teeth. Spilanthes is utilized in multiple healing traditions including TCM, Ayurveda, and western folk herbalism. It is often used in acute conditions for its beneficial properties and is frequently associated with its affinity for the mouth.

Organic alcohol, water, propolis resin, fresh organic goldenseal root, organic myrrh resin, and fresh organic spilanthes aerial portion.

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